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Winning with Data, Digital, & AI just got easier

When former corporate leaders partner with you and your teams as leader-doer consultants, getting fast results with ease and certainty is guaranteed. We call this Corpsulting™.

We help you where conventional consulting doesn't work.

We have Partnered with Leaders and Teams from Outstanding Global Corporations


We were you. Or supported someone like you during our corporate careers. For over two decades, most of us experienced very similar challenges as well as opportunities that is typical of any leadership role within organizations. We learned from our many successes and failures.


Hands-on experience in leading through uncertainties and ability to see projects from ideation through execution and maintenance cannot come from pure-play consulting.


For an individual or team to assist through the entire cycle of vision, alignment, and results, an experience that is real, lessons-from-the-trenches type of learning, is critical to success.

We call this CORPSULTING™, where highly talented leader-doers with former corporate leadership experience are consulting to create rapid success for the business and technology leaders we work with.


For six years, from 2017 - 2023, we applied this approach to support a small group of early-adopters. After seeing clear differences and results, we are now taking it global.

 Do you want to be a part of this journey?

A unique partnership you can count on

Engage high-performing, purpose-built teams led by our corpsultants to accelerate results through a leveraged approach that combines Leadership, SME, Data, Analytics, Cloud, Digital, and AI


You don’t need to have all the answers. Our team has been in similar situations and executed successfully.


Our leader-doers are aligned with your needs right away so you can be stress-free about our partnership.


A global team of experts and doers support our leader-doers partnering with you and your team.


We ensure your success by collaborating with your internal teams and other vendors who are supporting you.

See what our clients have to say

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"I think of Khyanafi as an extension of my leadership team and would recommend them to my entire network."

I am usually reluctant to engage external consultants for help because it's a lot of extra work to provide them with the background context they need to get started.

I was extremely impressed with how quickly the Khyanafi team started contributing. Their consultants have senior leadership experience and industry expertise. Consequently, they immediately knew where we could produce the most business impact in the shortest time.


Global Commercial Excellence Leader



“I believe their leadership and broad experience in different industries help to look at challenges and opportunities uniquely.”

Working with the Khyanafi team significantly improved the efficiency of our conversion process, thereby shortening our overall implementation timeline. What looked like a significant technical challenge instead was a combination of gaps in organizational structure, process inefficiencies, and legacy choices/practices within our approach that were difficult to see from the inside out.

Khyanafi consultants redesigned the process, structured our workflow to minimize the critical path, and focused on performing much of the work in parallel. After creating a playbook, we ran two separate work streams, restructured the team to align with the new tasks, and even leveraged some technical efficiencies with different tools introduced by the Khyanafi team. I believe their leadership and broad experience in different industries help to look at challenges and opportunities uniquely. I highly recommend Khyanafi.

- Kevin Flynn -

Vice President, Professional Services

Tyler Technologies


“In our rapidly advancing data & analytics world, I think of Khyanafi as the insight I found in the pool of other data consulting firms.”

Having partnered with Khyanafi on my team at two different companies, what stands out to me is their combination of deep technical skill sets and their ability to see the business beyond the task at hand, the concept I believe they are calling corpsulting.

In my opinion, what makes them remarkable is their ability to help clients work on long term value creation in parallel with current project delivery.

Their team members have been a valuable and critical part of my team and I plan to continue engaging with them in the future on my business-critical initiatives. You would be wise to consider them for yours as well.

– Brian Bare –

Head of Data & Analytics

Oldcastle Infrastructure/CRH

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Ready to transform and grow your company with corpsulting?

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Experience that drives guaranteed results

Gain agility and know-how 

Your problems and opportunities are not isolated. Your strategy and solutions shouldn't be either.

Winning with data, analytics, digital, and AI must be cohesively handled as part of your leadership journey. You can accomplish this by engaging experienced former-corporate leaders in leader-doer positions.

Accelerated Transition

Your Vision, Our Team

Run targeted initiatives around your job transition or ambitious transformation agenda.

Team-Based Advisory

Your Opportunity: Our Advice

Enable your internal team to succeed with one-of-a-kind packaged advisory services.

Interim Leadership

Your Challenge, Our Leaders

For those crucial times when your internal leader(s) makes a surprise exit leaving a gap.

Start-up Accelerator

Your Ideas, Our Talent

Go from ideas to launch rapidly with a fully supported team of experts leaders and doers.

Consulting Accelerator

Your Expertise, Our Services

Start and quickly expand your expertise-based consulting business with our global team.

Private Equity Enabler

Your M&A: Our Experience

Gain access to experienced business-technologists during your pre/post-deal phases.

How we help

Today's leaders and companies are facing tremendous challenges and amazing opportunities. Speed, agility, and differentiated talent capabilities are required to succeed in this market.

Corpsulting blends know-how and pragmatism of leaders and experts with fresh perspectives and agility consistent with consulting expertise to rapidly deliver results for our clients.

With our combined expertise in business and technology, we'll help you overcome any challenge and seize every opportunity.

Every company is a data company and every leader is a data leader.
Subject matter expertise, leadership strength, and results-orientation wins.
The overlap between business and technology has increased.
Specialty strategy consulting and mass capacity vendors leave a gap.

How it works?

As easy as 1-2-3, a customized approach for your needs. 

Meet with us by scheduling a call.

We help you explore options and identify areas where our experts and leader-doers can partner to drive results.

Explore high-priority opportunities.

Quickly narrow down on focus areas and establish a globally distributed team to support you and your internal team.

Realize rapid results.

With two senior leaders as your direct point-of-contact, start small, and expand as needed to accelerate results.

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