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An excellent opportunity to drive change

Start Strong in Your New Role

Accelerate your transition and rapidly deliver success with Data, Analytics, Digital, & AI initiatives the easy way.

Are you a leader settling into a new role and are struggling for any of these reasons related to Data, Analytics, & Digital?

  • Overwhelming Demand: Leadership roles are vastly different from expertise positions. Your toughest challenges and biggest opportunities are not usually with technology but the dependencies created across them over the years and lack of a clear data strategy.  
  • Need for Balance: While pursuing your aspirational vision, you must still support what has been created and what is also changing. Handling the tactical needs along with strategic priorities only comes with the experience of having been there and done that. 
  • Heightened Expectations: You may be reporting to only one manager, but your stakeholders are across the company, all the way to the company board. And they all have high expectations about the work you are doing and the results it will produce.  
  • Time is Scarce: You may be an experienced leader or someone starting new. Still, there is always more to do in less time. The key to success is to effectively work through organizational boundaries, prioritize the critical drivers and uncover details in a timely manner.  
  • Competitive Market: You understand finding excellent talent for your data, analytics, and digital initiatives is getting increasingly harder. What if there is a way to develop your leadership bench strength in the middle layers through a coaching & mentoring approach? 
  • Technology Debt: You want to leverage recent and on-going developments in the technology domain. But you are concerned about planning and migrating out of legacy into modern cloud stack while also training your team to easily port over to the new tools.  

You're not alone. 

Every leader faces similar challenges as they begin in a new role. It is in this period you also have a high degree of organizational and positional leverage to pursue your boldest ambitions. 

Situational Awareness

We understand leadership transition and have helped leaders navigate complex challenges and delivered meaningful results.


Every organization is unique. Solutions must align with specific needs and goals to provide customized guidance and relevant support.


Expert technologists who helped build the cloud platforms and capabilities you are using will partner with you on your projects. 


Your ambitious plans need trusted partners who work alongside you as an advisor, rather than just recommending from a distance.

Past results are indicative of future possibilities

Accelerated Transition - Is It Right For You?

A good fit for...

Our accelerated transition service is tailored for CXOs and leaders who are tasked with transforming their companies using Data, Analytics, Cloud, Digital, and AI capabilities.

Chances are, you've had similar prior leadership experience, but to truly excel, developing sharp situational awareness and gaining familiarity early on is essential in every new job. And even if you know how to do this, do you really have the time to do it all, while balancing the tactical and the strategic priorities of your new role?

If you have an ambitious agenda, willing to make decisions quickly, and are truly invested in growing your company leveraging data, this service will provide you a jumpstart and in some cases can shorten your transition time in half while more than doubling your results over the duration of the engagement.

Building a solid foundation is key to success, and we're confident that our Corpsulting approach is a guaranteed way to achieve results faster, when pursued in a timely manner.

Not a fit for...

We value meaningful partnerships over the tedious formalities of traditional procurement. We do not participate in request for proposals, competitive bids, contract bidding, or long-drawn vendor management processes, so if your company requires these, we may not be the best fit. 

If your company values agility and results-driven action, we're the perfect fit for you. To ensure the success of this service, a new client leader must be ready to collaborate with our Corpsulting leaders as peers. We know from experience that delegating this work to individuals many levels down in the company makes it difficult to achieve desired results. Our approach is customized to your specific situation, producing recommendations tailored to your needs rather than a list of standard deliverables.

How it works...

As simple as 1-2-3. Reach out for an initial call and we devise a proposed approach customized to your situation. Our fully loaded engagement plans from past and current engagements typically consist of five streams of work that cover the following:

  1. Organization & Current State: Assessments, recommendations, and tactical assistance.
  2. Low-Investment-High-Return-Opportunities (LIHRO): Identify and execute in collaboration with your business leaders to deliver impactful results, while the other streams of work are happening.
  3. Platforms & Enablement: (Platform options, planning, costing, and architecture) Partner with internal leaders, your team, and platform and consulting vendors to ensure that your data ecosystem is foundationally strong and architecturally sound to handle the varied needs of your growing business.
  4. Target State Roadmap: Showcasing multiple streams of projects, resource planning, and stakeholder engagement plans.
  5. Other Areas: Legacy sunset, user migration, data risk/privacy, and information lifecycle management.
How do we ensure your success...

Data, Analytics, and Digital initiatives generate challenges and opportunities that are seldom contained within a specific area within the company. From several decades of working in leadership roles across corporations and now while partnering with client leaders across industries, our team of leader-doers have seen this interconnected cross-organization effect often. 

We ensure this unified view is considered across the work streams, thereby enabling us to identify, analyze, and prioritize the challenges and opportunities that are interconnected. Simultaneously activating multiple streams of work means, we are able to handle risks early on, while identifying budget leaks across in-flight initiatives that when right aligned could enable efficient use of available resources for accelerating the future-state.

  • Your challenges and opportunities are not isolated.
  • Your strategies and solutions shouldn't be either.
How much would it cost...

It Depends.

Every company, leader, and team are in a different situation with Data-related work. While it is not possible to provide an exact number, various factors like size, complexity, number of subsidiaries, industry, nature of business, number and type of core functions, stakeholder involvement, current state of application systems and data platforms, existing talent pool, decision making process, and many more determine the cost.

To ensure that the work is meaningful for our clients and realistic for us, we offer accelerated transition as a time-bound service with a duration of 2 - 4 months based on what we uncover during initial discussions. After the first three weeks of a project, the depth and extent of coverage across the KHYANA5D model varies depending on critical focus areas as determined by the client leaders and the assigned Corpsulting team.

Investment Range: Starting at USD 200k.