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Build your business consulting Firm

Leverage our capabilities across Marketing, Systems, Business Analytics, Data, and Technology to build your company the easy way. 

Are you a corporate leader venturing into business consulting but are worried about any of the following?

  • Brand Positioning and Client Base: You have a leadership track record and while your strong resume has always helped you grow in your career, you are unsure of how to position your expertise to build an attractive brand in the market. You are an expert at what you do but are not clear of marketing, sales, and contract functions.
  • Financial, Risk, and Talent Management: Having adequate cash flow, understanding pricing options, managing business continuity risks, and attracting talented individuals as you are starting your new company may seem daunting and you are hesitating if you should pursue your dream of starting a consulting business or stick to corporate roles. 
  • Systems, Platforms, and Tools: There are numerous decisions around Systems, Technology, and Platforms from having a corporate email, setting up accounting systems, handling state level licenses, websites, productivity tools, and support functions. It all seems like a lot of work and you just want to start a business to have freedom and choice.
  • Isolation and Burnout: A major reason why many leaders who start their consulting business give up soon and go back to corporate roles is the lack of support and the possible burnout that comes from isolation and having to do it all alone. And it is a real pain as there are so many decisions to be made and no one to turn to for sound advice.
  • Expertise and Extended Team Support: Every modern company, function, leader, and their teams rely on Cloud, Data, Analytics, Digital, and AI/ML capabilities to transform and grow the business. Your are a subject matter expert within an industry sector and are wondering how to get the support across these areas to deliver your services. 
  • Advisory Board and Networking: You are talented and there is demand for your expertise. Your focus need not be limited to the clients you are working with and there is a broader opportunity and continuity that comes from collaborating with a larger team of like minded individuals who share the same passion for dreaming big and being free. 

You're not alone. 

While it is easier than ever to form your consulting business, the competition is stiff, the unknowns are many, and for delivering comprehensive results to clients you need more than just what you know and can do. And that's where we come in.

Benefit from Economies of Scale

Established systems and processes in place that can save you time, effort, and costs associated with setting up and managing a consulting business.

Deep Expertise Across Industries

Talented teams with expertise across all areas of Data & AI, Cloud, Analytics, and more to enhance your capabilities to deliver exceptional value.

Client Referrals and Expanded Network

Our collaboration opens up new business opportunities and expands your network, allowing you to grow your business more quickly and efficiently.

Support, Network, and Mentorship

Having a strong support system and a pool of business subject matter experts is important, especially during the initial stages of your business.

Jumpstart your consulting business with our expertise and capabilities

Business Consulting Accelerator - Is It Right For You?

A good fit for...

If you are a business/technology leader interested in quitting your corporate career to start your consulting business and want an easy way to build your business by collaborating with a team of leaders who have walked a similar path, this would be a great option for you. 

There are more unknowns than knowns when moving from an employee to entrepreneur. Numerous decisions must be made around aspects of setting up and running a consulting business that are nothing related to your area of core expertise. Let us help make your transition easier by assisting you along the way.

This option is only open to individuals intending to move from corporate roles into setting up a small (2 - 10 member) consulting business with a focus on business services (e.g., Risk Management, Strategy, Sales, Marketing, Finance, Operations, CXO Advisory, etc.).  

Not a fit for...

This option is also not open to individuals whose primary offering is in the area of Data and Analytics. 

If you are a single member LLC please explore joining us as a Corpsultant. 

How it works...

Please reach out to us for an initial discussion. 

How do we ensure your success...

We bring all of our capabilities, expertise, and tools & platforms to enable your rapid success. Our support will include advice, guidance, managed-services, branding and marketing services, and collaborative work in serving your clients. Where we see an area for bringing your expertise into our internal product development and client work, we will gladly bring you in. 

Monthly meetings (and weekly when working together on projects) will ensure ongoing focus and drive towards our successful growth trajectory. Our advisors and leaders will be made available as needed to you and your clients. 

How much would it cost...

It Depends.

The level of support and engagement is different for each company. Please reach out for an initial discussion. 

Investment Range: TBD