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Leverage our proven leadership experience and technology expertise to get the most out of your data Initiatives on the Databricks Platform.

Are you struggling to realize accelerated results from your data and analytics investments for any of these reasons?

Data Strategy: You lack a clear data strategy that will work in the now and near future that considers the evolving business possibilities with data, advanced analytics/AI, and digital.

Real Hurdles: You are facing considerable internal or external challenges and opportunities that require you to balance tactical demand while still striving to achieve strategic progress.

High Expectations: While you enjoy adequate support from peers, executives, and the Company Board, you also understand that you are facing heightened expectations for quicker results.

Talent Pressure: You also have shifting priorities with little time to generate impact on a limited budget while competing for attracting and retaining outstanding talent.

Maximize Databricks: You want to embrace all or most of the multi faceted capabilities within the Databricks platform to generate company-wide results for your varied use cases.

Successful Migration: You want to migrate out of legacy platforms and into Databricks ecosystem in the most efficient and non-disruptive manner but are unsure how?

You're not alone.

To effectively manage these challenges, you need integrated expertise across strategy, business analytics, technology, and platform domains.

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We have been where you are.

We faced similar challenges and opportunities during our corporate leadership roles in data and analytics. Managing the push-pull between the strategic focus and tactical needs was always a challenge, until we figured out how to align our teams and related work for driving maximum results. Khyanafi Corpsulting supports manufacturing, retail, and energy businesses and teams by engaging leader-doers who have been in your roles or supported someone like you before.


See how we did it

A large global manufacturing firm going through a merger wanted help around post-merger integration for establishing a unified data and analytics capabilities for the combined organization. Khyanafi leaders partnered with their CIO and Head of Transformation & Sales enablement to define immediate priorities, drive assessments, and put together a go-forward plan that would bring together data from across 22 ERP systems.

This plan primarily covered three segments:

  • Low-Investment-High-Return-Opportunities (LIHRO) - Focused on immediate business analytics needs including master data management, data cleanup, pricing optimization, customer data management and segmentation, sales analytics, and more. 
  • Data Governance - Establish a foundational Data Governance approach addressing functional and operating model areas. 
  • Platforms & Architecture - Define, architect, and enable the future state platform on Azure Databricks, including provisioning a quick start approach for migrating legacy data environments to modern data stack.

Our team of expert leaders worked with technical experts and sales leaders from Microsoft and Databricks, and partnered with client's internal leaders to define, plan, architect, project costs, and develop the platform.

“I think of Khyanafi Corpsulting as an extension of my leadership team”

I am usually reluctant to engage external consultants for help because it's a lot of extra work to provide them with the background context they need to get started. I was extremely impressed with how quickly the Khyanafi team started contributing. Their consultants have senior leadership experience and industry expertise. Consequently, they immediately knew where we could produce the most business impact in the shortest time. I think of Khyanafi as an extension of my leadership team and would recommend them to my entire network.


Global Commercial Excellence Leader

Meet Your Team of Expert Leaders



Prakash Baskar

Previously: Chief Data Officer, Exec. Dir: Data Strategy & Transformation. 
Santander, JPMorgan Chase


Manoj Vasudevan

Previously: Engineering Manager, Technology Leader, Architect
Chime, Microsoft, Amazon


Keshav Malavalli

Previously: Business Analytics Director, Solution Architect,
Gates Corporation, Xcel Energy, IBM