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Experienced Leaders when you need them

Leadership exits always leave a sudden gap and increased strain on existing projects and people associated with them.

Are you a leader facing unexpected or expected leadership talent gap for any of the following reasons?

  • Unexpected Attrition: You lost a key leader to your competitor and find yourself working two jobs to bridge the gap. You are wondering if you can hire someone short-term while you run the job search.  
  • Ground Zero: You are tasked with starting an entire function and team as Data becomes a priority. You need experienced interim leaders to share the your workload  while you build your future organization.  
  • Urgent and Critical Projects: Your track record of good work and outstanding results attracts visible and highly critical projects into your function but all your talented leaders are tied up in existing initiatives. 
  • Organizational Transition: You want to add surge capacity to change your leadership team composition and restructure your function to support the evolving needs of your company and realign your priorities.  
  • Low Performers: You have an underperforming leader in your team. You have two options. Either coach them to perform better or bring in someone with the right skills to take extend support or take over in the interim.
  • Try Before You Hire: You are hiring for a senior role in your team and want a high level of confidence that you are bringing in someone who is also a cultural fit. You prefer to see results before you fully commit. 

You're not alone. 

Every leader goes through such uncertainties and the more critical a role is to your team and function the longer it takes to find the right talent. If you are wondering if there is a better way, this is it.


A competent team of experts who are vested in your success and can give advice on a range of topics to build your team members as confident leaders.


Your problems and opportunities are varied and the advisory packages are customized to your needs and can change as projects evolve. 


Start with the lowest tier, and bump up as your needs increase, and bring them down when surge subsides. (Conditions apply)


Measure your success by your team's ability to take on more broader challenges and your ability to expand your function further than you imagined.

Make your Resources Go Further With The Existing Team

Interim Leadership Option - Is It Right For You?

A good fit for...

This service is for senior business and technology leaders / CXOs seeking interim leaders/expert technologists with significant prior experience leading, managing, and delivering Data, Analytics, and Digital initiatives in global corporations. If you have an ambitious agenda, facing a challenging situation, or want to pursue your big opportunity but have an existing talent gap within your organization that must be addressed now, look no further.

Not a fit for...

Our leaders bring in the strategic and tactical leadership capabilities and are experienced in taking the lead with minimal direction or supervision. While they need your support in positioning them within your company initially, they do not need to be told what to do. 

If you are seeking doers who must work under constant supervision or direction, this service will not work for you. 

How it works...

As simple as 1-2-3. Reach out for an initial call and together we explore your situation and possible options to support you with interim leaders.

  1. Duration: Our engagements are meant to cover short-term needs only which are between two - six months. 
  2. Contract-to-Hire: It is possible to structure some engagements as a contract-to-hire option, but that must be noted and structured accordingly at the start of the engagement.  That option is not available for some of our leaders who are part of Khyanafi Corpsulting's leadership or advisory group.  
  3. Relevant Overlap: At this time, our interim leadership services cover expertise across functional/domain leadership and technology experts in Data, Analytics, Cloud, and Digital areas. You can be a business or technology leader hiring for experience in these areas.
How do we ensure your success...

We only bring interim leaders who we think are a good fit for your needs. If we are unable to pair you with a leader/expert whose career aspirations, experience profile, or track record does not match with your specific needs, we will let you know. That is the only way to be committed to mutual success. 

Khyanafi Corpsulting's President will meet with the client leader monthly and discuss on the job performance of our interim leaders. Ongoing internal support is also made available for the interim leaders we place with you so that they align with your urgency for results at all times. 

How much would it cost...

Every interim leadership position is different. 

Investment Range:  Please reach out to us for further details.