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Your Partner for Next Level Transformation

Technology evolution across Cloud, Data, Analytics, Digital, and AI/ML is leveling the field for faster growth. Are you in?

Are you a CXO or Partner of a Private-Equity or Small/Medium Business and holding back on Data+AI?

  • Digital Transformation: You are concerned about ensuring that all portfolio companies are technologically leveraged and advanced and have implemented Cloud Technology, Data Analytics, Digital, and AI/ML capabilities effectively to retire legacy platforms and reduce technical debt. 
  • Customer Experience: Today's customers are well informed and have evolving expectations and demands in terms of experience, engagement, and value for money. And they do not differentiate between large or small companies when choosing products and services that they like and trust.
  • Talent Management: Attracting, retaining, and developing top talent that can drive growth and innovation in the portfolio companies is important but you face stiff competition from larger firms. You want to enable your teams with the right advice, training, and support.
  • Risk and Compliance Management: Regulators, government agencies, and the market do not lower their expectations with regard to data privacy, controls, legalities, and security management areas. You are worried that one breach is all it takes to lose goodwill and suffer monetary damages.
  • Operational Efficiency: Streamlining operations and processes to improve efficiency and innovation to drive profitability across all portfolio companies is a top priority for your leadership team. But finding a reliable partner who has direct experience driving growth is a challenge for you.
  • Capital Allocation: Deciding where to invest capital for maximum returns, whether it's in business expansion, new technology, or talent development is an ongoing need amidst managing the impact of economic fluctuations and market volatility on the performance of portfolio companies. 

You're not alone. 

Every leader responsible for growth and transformation across companies are going through these issues. Your success will depend on how resourceful you are in embracing and adapting to changes that are inevitable but must be faced head-on. 

Expertise in Data, Digital, and AI/ML

Deep expertise and experience in the realms of Data, Digital Technologies, and AI/ML with a successful track record in real-world applications.

Tailored Solutions for Rapid Results

Meet your unique needs and goals by leveraging various options from advisory, interim leadership, talent search & development, and projects.

Fully Managed Data+AI Services

For all your complex challenges and ambitious opportunities, explore our "Build-Operate-Educate & Transfer (BOE/T)" model for quicker results. 

Cost-Effective Long-Term Partnership

Access to a global talent pool of business-technology advisors, leader-doers, and trained experts provides significant ROI with a reliable partnership.

Rapid Results from differentiated talent

Private Equity Enabler - Is It Right For You?

A good fit for...

A fast-growing mid-market firm with an ambitious agenda or a private equity firm with an expanding portfolio of companies that want to leverage all the benefits that come with coordinated focus and enablement through Cloud, Data, Analytics, Digital, and AI/ML focus.

This service would also be a perfect option for leaders looking to modernize their functions and operations through recent advances in Automation, Generative AI, and Machine Learning Capabilities by integrating structured and unstructured data. 

Not a fit for...

Our services are intended to complement your existing leadership capabilities and enhance talent in the leader-doer, and doer levels. To be successful, we require that clients trust our proven process, engage at higher levels (CXO) within the company, and are willing to make quick decisions when needed. Accordingly, this is not a fit when program ownership is pushed to several levels down within the company or for CXOs who are slow in their approach in driving growth initiatives. 

How it works...

Please reach out to us for an initial intake discussion about your needs by clicking the "Get Started" button below. If we mutually determine that we can help with your transformation and growth aspirations, we will move to the next step. 

How do we ensure your success...

All of our client engagements are directly managed by senior leaders within our company. They are not account managers who visit you once a quarter but will be actively working on your programs with you and your team. 

The project phases are intentionally kept short, in weeks rather than in months, so we can validate what is working and eliminate wasteful efforts from the start. As a small business ourselves, we are extremely cognizant of spending valuable time, effort, and money on activities that will bring in early validation and foundational components that will help set up the tone for your program's success.

We want our client sponsors and their teams to be highly successful. We do this by openly sharing thought-leadership and engaging in weekly training and/ demo sessions with your teams.

Also, we understand that leaders at all levels can perform better by having someone to turn to for valuable advice or even as a sounding board, when contemplating big decisions. To help in such situations, as a client leader, you have direct access to monthly coaching/mentoring session with our Founder & President. 

How much would it cost...

It Depends.

Most of our work at this level are customized to the needs of our customers. 

Investment Range: Starting as low as USD 60K/month.