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Go From Idea To Product Launch The Easy Way

Access to Advisors, Cofounders, Investors, and Technology partners - all in one collaborative team. 

Do you have a great idea for a Data / Digital product and want to work with a team that can help take it to the finish line?

  • Idea Validation: You have a creative spark and want to explore the viability of the idea to become a real product. You want someone who can be a voice of opinion, sounding board, or devils advocate to expand, validate, or challenge and come up with options.
  • Expert Advice & Investment: You are looking for a partner who can bring industry leaders and experts to you in your product's focus area. And you may be open to collaborating to dig deeper into your initial idea and rely on them as a funding or capability source to cocreate the product.
  • Comprehensive Know-How: Every modern company and product rely on Cloud, Data, Analytics, Digital, and AI/ML capabilities and you want to work with a team that has a deep, proven for business expertise that complements technology domains that are of interest to you. 
  • Design, POC, and MVP: You understand that for your product idea to be a success it is important to have an appealing UI/UX to drive engagement and adoption along with the ability to test-fast and fail-fast through proof-of-concept and deliver a minimum viable product at the earliest.
  • Product Launch & GTM Strategy: Target market, pricing, offering tiers, jumpstarting operations, and support are significant aspects of enabling a high-performing product firm. Building these capabilities takes time and it helps to have a team assist in early stages as you ramp up.
  • Advisory Board: The strength of your business is in the strength of the quality advice that you receive from individuals with vested interest in your success. Having a partner you can trust over the long-haul is important for you as you build your company.

You're not alone. 

An idea is just the start. It takes an entire team of qualified people who work well together to bring the idea to life as a viable product. And that means having a partner who can be with you every step of the way. 

Expertise in Data, Digital, and AI/ML

Deep expertise and experience in the realms of Data, Digital Technologies, and AI/ML with a successful track record in real-world applications.

End-to-End Product Development Support

A comprehensive approach covering all aspects of the product development process from ideation to deployment and aligned with your vision.

Innovation-driven Culture

A collaborative partner who encourages creativity and is also open to experimenting with emerging technologies to develop high-quality solutions.

Long-term Partnership Outlook

A commitment to excellence over the long-term to bring in support as needed across advisory, strategic, operational, and investment related areas.

Get help from ideation through launch for your startup

Startup Accelerator - Is It Right For You?

A good fit for...

If you are a technology or business leader and are interested in building your idea into a product, want to collaborate with a team that can bring in a range of capabilities, and support to enable your startup in the early stages and beyond, this would be a great option for you. 

You do not have to outsource your product build, instead we prefer to collaborate with you and your team (if you have one already) and assist with areas where you need help to launch a viable product. Depending on the area of focus, we will link you with an expert advisor who would advise on early stages and if there is a mutual interest, taking an investment and operational interest can also be discussed. 

Not a fit for...

If your product is not a Digital or SaaS product, this service is not for you. We also do not work on sub-contract engagements where you are not the owner of the product. 

How it works...

Please reach out to us for an initial discussion about your needs. If we can help with your product development aspirations, we will move to next steps. 

How do we ensure your success...

Product development is more than building the required technology components. This is why we ensure having a core team in place that comprises of expert advisors across relevant business domain (e.g., Risk Management or Sales if your product is in any of those areas) along with technology experts in UI/UX, Cloud, Data, Digital, and AI/ML. 

The project phases are intentionally kept short, in weeks rather than in months, so we can validate what is working and eliminate wasteful efforts from the start. As a startup ourselves, we are extremely cognizant of spending valuable time, effort, and money on activities that will bring in early validation and foundational components that will help set up the platform for a successful launch. 

How much would it cost...

It Depends.

Every product development effort is different and while it is difficult to project what it would cost for your situation, we do have company-wide minimum thresholds. 

Investment Range: Starting as low as USD 25K/month.