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Set Your Entire Team Up For Success

The right advice, insights, and guidance across leadership, strategy, technology, and processes areas for your entire team.

Are you a leader managing a team of people who have great potential but can do better with on-going guidance?

  • Small Teams: You have a small team and want to deliver results quickly, but the ever-changing Data, Cloud, and Digital technology domain is leaving you with more to learn, read, and practice.   
  • Varied Skill Domains: Your hiring plan and business needs do not let you onboard individuals for every possible job needed for cloud enablement. And some of those needs are also fractional.  
  • Training and Upskilling: You want to enable the growth of your business by ensuring your employees have access to the best practices on technology and insightful guidance to elevate their leadership. 
  • Idea Validation: You want to leverage your platform’s capabilities fully, but you have more questions than clarity. You wish there was an easier way to validate your ideas with an expert.   
  • Attract and Retain Talent: You are unable to attract specialist senior-level top talent and want to explore an alternative talent strategy to pair them with experts to guide their work and on-going development. 
  • Leadership Bench: You understand that building a strong data and analytics leadership succession bench is critical for business continuity as well as retaining employees over the longer term. 

You're not alone. 

Every company is looking for ways to attract the right talent, develop them over the longer team, and elevate their leadership potential. Sometimes it just helps to have a second opinion and sound advice.


A competent team of experts who are vested in your success and can give advice on a range of topics to build your team members as confident leaders.


Your problems and opportunities are varied and the advisory packages are customized to your needs and can change as projects evolve. 


Start with the lowest tier, and bump up as your needs increase, and bring them down when surge subsides. (Conditions apply)


Measure your success by your team's ability to take on more broader challenges and your ability to expand your function further than you imagined.

Make your Resources Go Further With The Existing Team

Team-Based Advisory - Is It Right For You?

A good fit for...

We find clients in the Small/Medium Businesses (SMBs), Private Equity (PE), and their portfolio firms to be most suited for this type of engagement. It is also a viable alternative when you want to upskill an entire team from legacy technology platforms to modern data platforms. 

If you want to elevate your data experts into data leadership positions to increase bench strength in the middle management layer, this advisory approach will help accelerate the path of these employees you want to retain and develop for the long-term.

Not a fit for...

Team-based advisory is not meant to replace technical training and development programs. Those are still important for on-going development of an individual. 

The advisory engagement gives a layer of validation, guidance, assists with brainstorming, prevent design and engineering flaws early on, and ensures that you do not have to hire people into specialist positions if the size of operations or the business complexity does not require it. 

Team advisory cannot be used in place of project consulting. While we include a small pool of hours to be used every month, your advisory team will now own the project execution.

How it works...

Team advisory standard packages come in five steps.

  1. Initial Meeting: Expert advisory is based on client-specific needs and capacity availability across our expert team. This fit will be determined during the initial call.
  2. Weekly Meetings: Choose from one to five days a week (50-minute meeting per day). Depending on the focus area for the day, the experts will be rotated through the week. Expert meetings cover Platform, Solution Architecture, Data Architecture, Modeling, Engineering, DevOps, Business Analytics, Program Planning, Strategy, and Leadership/Organization-related topics. (Reasonable email/messaging support between meetings included at no additional cost in all plans.)
  3. Pooled Monthly Hours: Depending on what plan was chosen, you will have access to a pool of hours (ranging from 8 to 40 hours). Additional monthly hours can be added, subject to expert availability. 
  4. Minimum Commitment: All plans require a minimum commitment of three months. Payment is before the start of the engagement. Annual plans available on a case-by-case basis.
  5. Plan Switching: We understand that your business priorities will continue to shift, and the type and focus area of expertise needed to provide the best support for your teams will evolve. With sufficient notice, it is possible to change the frequency of meetings and expert focus areas with applicable pricing tiers.
How do we ensure your success...

For an advisory engagement to succeed, tight collaboration is required between the client leader/team and Khyanafi Corpsulting team engaged on the advisory work. Due to evolving career aspirations of expert leaders, it is to be expected that changes in expert assignments during the 3-month period may happen and we will make our best effort to limit the impact to the engagement. 

As a client leader, you will have access to monthly performance reports which will include observations and recommendations in the areas we are supporting your team. If developing leadership capabilities of your team members is part of the engagement, those are only handled on the annual plans, as it takes considerable time and effort to develop an individual to be a next-level leader. 

How much would it cost...

It Depends.

Team advisory costs are based on the number of days of support (1 through 5 a week), focus areas of expertise, additional monthly pooled hours added to the plan, and if leadership development is covered. 

Investment Range: Starting as low as USD 25K/month.