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Pursue Greater Possibilities With Data, Analytics, Digital, and AI.

We are making it easy to hire proven field-tested leader-doer talent with deep experience working in the trenches. With our rigorous talent vetting and matching process, you will be collaborating with the right partners to grow and transform your function or company.

We help you where conventional consulting doesn't work.

Tired Of Conventional Consulting?

Engaging consultants to help with your program is a difficult decision. There are numerous questions that come up and while talent is scarce, you want to work with the best.

Where do we see challenges and missed opportunities?

For every leader predominantly the most concerning factor would be about trust and ability to deliver rapid results that can be sustained over time.  

Adding consultants into your company may also seem like a lot of work to get them productive working with your team. 

  • Can I trust them to do the job? Do they have a verifiable track record?
  • Would they consider the full impact and fit of their work within my company?
  • How much time do we have to invest to get them productive?
  • Would they understand organizational dynamics and my team's challenges?

How is Corpsulting Different?

Corpsulting engagements are led by leaders who held similar roles as you are in or who supported someone like you during their corporate career. We shorten your time to outstanding results while enabling comprehensive progress.

Why Consulting Engagements Fail



Data + AI work is not isolated but interconnected.

Data is the result of some business process that is collecting details or performing an action - either by a human (customer, employee, vendor) or machine (application system, sensor, bot, or AI/ML module).

To succeed with Data+AI, programs must never be approached in isolation as it is critical to look at it simultaneously along with a few other aspects of your business. Our KHYANA5D approach starts with the organizational design and covers five distinct areas that must be considered and handled in unison to deliver intended results.

Organizational Design

Right functional-alignment, team structure, and experienced stakeholder management along with an adequate pool of talented leaders and doers  who are capable and empowered to ensure smooth flow of ideas, workflow, and efficient processes is critical to success. 

Business Technology

A clear approach to assessing current state of business and technology functions/capabilities and their impact on the Data, Analytics, and AI programs is a determining factor in developing a realistic business case, roadmap, and setting expectations for adoption. 

Data & AI

Some of the biggest challenges with Data+AI work is around managing the demand from sponsors, balancing technical debt while embracing technology evolution, engaging a team of experts, and delivering results quickly to drive adoption across functions. 

Governance & Controls

Identifying and managing risks, adhering to compliance, legal, and regulatory needs, and building adequate data privacy safeguards and access controls along with good governance practices must be part of the end-to-end planning and execution aspects of Data and AI work.

Process Innovation

Strategic process innovation involves the ability to step back and rethink existing processes, their relevance to current business/market/company opportunities and available technical capabilities, and how best to eliminate wasteful elements or repurpose workflows.

A typical Vision - Results Cycle


Failures and possibilities show up between phases.

Many consulting firms are good at aspects of what they do. Some are great at ideation, while others focus on strategy, or building complex roadmaps, while a few others are great at execution of data programs. 

In almost every situation, when failures occur or when amazing opportunities come up, it is usually in the gap between the phases. Gaining the know-how to succeed through the phases and delivering results in spite of the challenges is achieved only from direct experience of managing and seeing complex company-wide programs from start to finish.

Ideation : Strategy

We partner with you to define, expand, and validate your ideas. Ensuring that the ideas are aligned with the company strategy and existing projects in-flight is critical to keep the focus on the ideas that matter in the now and near-term. Some blue-sky thinking is also required to feed the innovation engine going. 

Strategy : Roadmap

While there is still some relevance for long-term strategies, in areas of Data, Analytics, and AI a more realistic approach is to develop strategies that are important in the near-term. We help you build your strategy over the 6-18 month range, and bridge that into a roadmap customized for your company.

Roadmap : Solution

Effective roadmaps consists of understanding the current appetite for change, cross impacts from existing in-flight projects, enterprise-level changes and priority shifts, organizational and leadership changes, and the rate of adoption that can be achieved from new initiatives and proposed solutions. 

Solution : Execution

There are many ways to define solutions and with current technology advances and process capabilities the problem is how we choose what is right for the company under current conditions. While it may be tempting to pick the easy solution, it is better to lean towards an executable solution for talent availability. 

Execution : Ideation

Right functional-alignment, team structure, and experienced stakeholder management along with an adequate pool of talented leaders and doers who are capable and empowered to ensure smooth flow of ideas, workflow, and efficient processes is critical to success.


We were you. Or supported someone like you during our corporate careers. For over two decades, most of us experienced very similar challenges and opportunities that is typical of any leadership role within organizations. We learned from our successes and failures. Hands-on experience in leading through uncertainties and ability to see projects from ideation through execution and maintenance cannot come from pure-play consulting. For an individual or team to assist through the entire cycle of vision, alignment, and results, an experience that is real, lessons-from-the-trenches type of learning, is critical to success.

We call this CORPSULTING, where highly talented leader-doers with former corporate leadership experience are consulting to create rapid success for the business and technology leaders we work with. For six years, from 2017 - 2023, we applied this approach to support a small group of early-adopters. After seeing clear differences and results, we are now taking it global.

 Do you want to be a part of this journey?